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Redshirt – The JPS Podcast Review

This is a difficult review to write.  I really enjoy the concept of Redshirt from Tiniest Shark and Positech Games, and I don’t have any

December 19, 2013 Reviews
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Wildstar Impression PAX East 2013

WildStar was a surprise as is offers more than most other MMORPGs out there.

April 02, 2013 Articles, PAX East 2013
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Check Those Corners. . . The Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailer is HERE!

Knock it off, Hudson

January 27, 2013 Articles, News
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Resonance – The Just Press Start Review

Wadjet Eye Games and xii Games have created something truly special with Resonance

June 19, 2012 Reviews
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Unstoppable Gorg- Or, Where Did I Leave My Space Ray, Space Honey?

Futuremark Games Studio presents Unstoppable Gorg, a “revolutionary” (ahem) tower defense title and loving homage to the schlockiest (I LOVE that my spell check has

January 22, 2012 Reviews
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Rochard: Recoil Games Proves You NEVER Mess With a Miner

I wrote in my Sideway: New York review that I was beginning to think platform games couldn’t advance much further.  Sideway changed that thinking, and

January 15, 2012 Reviews
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