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King Arthur II – The Long-Winded Game Review

Having deemed Fallen Champions (the standalone expansion) somewhat of a fall from grace, it was with an unpleasant mix of expectation and apprehension that I

February 20, 2012 Reviews
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Important LAN Party Info

Hey folks! If you listened to the last episode you know that I am in the middle of moving. Anyway, I found out that if you

February 20, 2012 LAN Party
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Exclusive Defender’s Quest Discount from Just Press Start

Our new friends at Level-Up Labs have an exclusive offer for Just Press Start fans!  Enter the code PRESSSTART (with 3 S’s ) at http://www.defendersquest.com/buy.html It’s

February 19, 2012 Articles
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Wadjet Eye Games and “Da New Guys”

Chris Burton from Icebox Studios drops by to discuss his soon to be released point and click adventure “Da New Guys- Day of the Jackass.” 

February 19, 2012 Interviews

Episode 89: Kickstarters and Notch- The Fundraising Discussion

Xes and I have an interesting discussion about the new ways publishers and developers are trying to raise money for upcoming projects.  Is the Notch

February 19, 2012 Podcast
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Will You Please… BE MINE BUNDLE!

Like so many other Valentine’s day promises, the  Be Mine Bundle didn’t quite manage to deliver. The games on offer weren’t the problem with this

February 18, 2012 News
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