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ALLTYNEX Second and KAMUI – The JPS Double Feature!

Back in April, I heaped praise on SITER SKAIN’s and Nyu Media’s RefleX, the second game in the Tale of ALLTYNEX saga, and I basically demanded the other two games.  Well, KAMUI and ALLTYNEX

December 17, 2014 Reviews
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Metrocide – The JPS Podcast Review

Flat Earth Games pulls no punches with their new top-down action/stealth title Metrocide.  It’s punishingly difficult, almost to its detriment.  Fortunately, it pairs this astounding difficulty with

December 17, 2014 Reviews
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Fight the Dragon- The JPS Podcast Review

I’m going to show my age now (again).  When I was in college, I actually enjoyed Indiana Jones and His Desktop Adventures.  I didn’t necessarily

December 09, 2014 Reviews
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Sneaky Sneaky – The JPS Podcast Review

I wanted to love Naiad Entertainment’s “strategic stealth adventure” Sneaky Sneaky.  It has all of the elements I find appealing in a title like this:  likable characters, nice

November 24, 2014 Reviews
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This War of Mine – The JPS Podcast Review


November 18, 2014 Reviews
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Vertical Drop Heroes HD Review

I’ll keep this review relatively short, since there is not a deep story other than the menus leading up to the actual game menu. I

November 08, 2014 Reviews
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