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Oozi: Earth Adventure Review

Dave puts down his massive telescope long enough to take a look at Oozie: Earth Adventure

February 23, 2013 Reviews
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Tumblewords Review

A tumble of words about Minicore Studios iOS release Tumblewords

January 31, 2013 Reviews
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Primal Carnage Review

A cheap romp through the jungles as humans vs dinosaurs square off in one of the latest first person shooters

November 08, 2012 Reviews
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Dishonored Review

This new IP developed by Arkane Studios does everything that makes a stealth assassin game so right

October 18, 2012 Reviews
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The Walking Dead Episode 4 Review

TellTale games releases their fourth episode in this fantastic series. Read up on our thoughts

October 15, 2012 Reviews
Borderlands 2 2

Video Walkthrough for Finding Michael Mamaril in Borderlands 2

Who is Michael Mamaril, you might ask? Well, after the release of Borderlands, Gearbox gained a quick and dedicated fanbase. Michael Mamaril was one fan of the

September 29, 2012 Articles
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